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With just a message, you can update and search your existing CRM or spreadsheet, taking you seconds instead of hours to manage your system.

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Hazel has been a gamechanger. I hated updating my CRM since I was so busy with everything else, but I couldn't grow my business without it. Hazel is perfect because it's like an assistant but with no headache and a fraction of the cost.

Coco Tan
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As simple as a conversation

Text, email, or voice message Hazel
Wherever you are, message Hazel to effortlessly maintain a single source of truth for your team.
  • Create, update, and ask about your contacts
  • Assign tasks and set reminders
  • Manage deals and properties
  • Text, email, or voice message Hazel

    Your team's CRM, always up to date
    No migration necessary. Hazel integrates directly into your existing workflows and allows your CRM to scale well with your team.

    Your team's CRM, always up to date

    Ask Hazel about your CRM
    Never hunt for your notes again. You can:
  • Ask about a specific contact, deal, task
  • Have Hazel search over your records to find exactly you're looking for
  • Discover insights across your CRM
  • Ask Hazel about your CRM

    Focus on your customers. Let Hazel manage your CRM.
    Don't waste time fiddling around with your CRM. Delegate that work away to Hazel, your AI assistant.
    Your contacts are in safe hands
    You have full control over who has access to your data. Our systems are heavily secured to protect all PII, using industry grade AES-256 encryption.

    The Hazel Advantage

    Your CRM aloneHuman assistant +
    your CRM
    Hazel +
    your CRM
    Add updates from anywhere
    Easy to use
    Learning curve
    Time to hire & train
    ~2 weeks + needs managing
    Scales well for your team

    About us

    We were two best friends doing AI research at Stanford, working on using language models to making technology more intuitive and accessible for everyone.

    When we heard that Mason's mom, a successful real estate agent, found data entry into her CRM so painful that she was paying an assistant thousands of dollars a month to do it for her, we decided to build that assistant.

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    With Hazel, you can focus on growing your business. Never enter data manually again.